Tips on How to choose the Best Gifts For Friends

Tips on How to choose the Best Gifts For Friends

We all have friends, especially close ones who we love and wish to shower lots of affection on. Exchanging gifts at random or to mark occasions add color to friendships. They also strengthen bonds. 

Gifts amongst friends can be given at different times. They could be at a birthday party, at the start of a new school year, world sister’s day, world friend’s day, Christmas, amongst others.

However, buying the best gifts to suit several occasions can be quite tricky because a lot of considerations need to be made.

Gifts are mostly symbols of affection. At other times, gifts may have to meet a need and usually, not something she already has.  In the mix of all these factors, you are faced with a long list of gift ideas, lost and confused.

“I feel Maria might like this beautiful, white teddy,” you may think at some point. But then you remember she complained about her hair some weekends ago, and then you feel, “what if I buy some hair accessories?” “Hairpins? Comb set? Hairbands and scrunchies, or an entire hair set?” “Oh no, that’s way out of my budget?” 

If this sounds like you, you’re in luck. We’re going to give you some tips on how to choose the best gifts for your friends, possibly without having to rob a bank.

Include a bit of yourself

Before you get overwhelmed with what to get, give, and whatnot, think about your friendship with the person. How do you feel about them? What message will you love to pass across? This will help you narrow down your options.

If you want to tell your friend you love her or you’re a friend she can always lean on, you might like a stuffed animal or coffee mug with words on them that convey the message. These may be “love you, babe,” “Always with you,” amongst other ideas you may have.

You may also consider personalized gifts- make a painting from them, write them a poem or song, knit a scarf or yarn bracelet, or whatever you feel can come from you to them. 

Listen to what your friends say

Girlfriends are major gist partners. When you have petty talks here and there, there is a possibility that your friend will mention a thing or two. She might suggest window shopping a particular thing, say she’ll wish to buy something in the nearest future or that she fell in love with an item.

When you hear such things during a chat, note them. They may give good ideas on what to get them as gifts for their birthdays, events, and occasions. If a friend has screamed, she will love a particular necklace or clothing that may be a gift idea for you.

Do a bit of stalking

It seems weird, right? But we all do it once in a while. Go to their favorite online sites and looking at their wish lists. You just might be lucky to see a list of items you can pick from.

Social media accounts like Pinterest, Facebook, etc. and phone galleries may help too. What does she pin most on a Pinterest board? What does she screenshot most from Instagram? For example, if she pins denim jackets, you can get her one. If she screenshots items from a particular online store on Instagram, you can get her a gift card for that store.

Opt for an experience rather than a material item

Some friends value experiences over physical gifts. Suppose you have such friends, no need to rack your brain for too long. What local restaurants do they frequent? What events and concerts do they also look forward to and buy tickets to? What other activities do they enjoy? Picnics, movies, game nights?

You can buy tickets for their favorite concerts and shows. For birthdays, you may organize sleepovers or picnics.

Ask people close to them or THEM!

If you’ve tried everything and it seems you’re still at crossroads, ask other people who know them very well. This may be their mum, siblings, or other friends who can come up with suggestions, clues, or hints. For example, a friend’s mum could hint that your friend’s been wishing she had a manicure and a pedicure set or a set of matching jewelry. There goes a beautiful idea for a present.

On the other hand, there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking the person if she needs a particular thing as a gift. The funny side to this is that you may end up getting something they would genuinely appreciate. You could start up the conversation with, “what do you think you’d love to get for your birthday?” 

These highlighted tips and gift ideas can help you find that best gift for your friends. They may look time-consuming and need a bit of brain-work, but they’re worth it.

So try them and get your friends gifts that’ll award them smiles for a long time.

What is the best Christmas Gift you've ever received from a friend? Comment in the box bellow.

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