17 Christmas Gifts for Best Friends That She Will Love

17 Christmas Gifts for Best Friends That She Will Love

Your BFF is special - she’s always there for you. Her Christmas present should be special too. It should be the kind of gift she loves to use every day, something that she looks at and thinks about you.

Don’t worry though, it’s easy to find something that will be perfect for her. Here are 17 gifts that anyone would love, and since you know her best, just pick the one that reminds you of her the most!

Does she love decorating her room? Is she a fan of all the latest styles? Is she always doing crafts and being creative?

There’s definitely a Christmas gift that’s a perfect fit - just like she is for you. 

Fjallraven Kanken Pen Case

A pen case is a great way to carry around all of the pens or pencils that are always getting lost. This is especially perfect for someone that loves being creative and loves the latest trends. Maybe she’s always wanted a Fjallraven backpack or maybe she already has one to match. With 10 different colors, this is a great way to be stylish and to stay organized. 

Photo Clip String Lights

Now your bestie can decorate her room with all of the great memories and photos you’ve taken together. These are definitely more exciting than a regular picture frame. There’s even a remote control, so she can make them flash or twinkle from her bed. 

DIY Crystal Terrarium

This is a craft she will love displaying in her room after she’s done. Don’t worry, this succulent will never die no matter how busy she gets. She can finish the whole thing with good smelling essential oils, that will make her room more relaxing and welcoming

Jacquard Tie Dye Kit

Tie Dye was the perfect quarantine trend for 2020. It is so fun, it makes old clothes new and exciting, plus each one turns out different. They’re all unique, just like your bestie! 

ULTA Beauty Box

Everything you would need to start your own beauty YouTube channel is in this box. If your BFF loves experimenting with different styles of makeup, this box has all the necessities plus some. From 36 shades of eyeshadow to an accessory tray and lid mirror - it’s the perfect collection, and all organized in one cute carrier case. 

Velvet Hair Scrunchie Set

It’s true, scrunchies are back in style - and they’re not just for VSCO girls. These super soft velvet sets come in six different styles, from tie dye to tiny hearts. The best part is, they make a great bracelet until it’s time to put your hair up.

Temporary Tattoo Markers

Is your bestie always trying to scrub sharpie markers drawings off her arm from doodling in class? These markers are perfect - they’re super colorful, easy to draw with, and temporary. So you can wash it away and start on your next unique design.

Watermelon Sugar High Candle

If your BFF is a Harry Styles fan, she’s probably listened to the hit song Watermelon Sugar High a million times like the rest of us. Not only does this candle have a super cute label, but it supposedly smells just like watermelon sour patch candies. Yuuummmmm.

Beautiful Girl Tapestry Blanket

Is it a tapestry or a blanket? It’s both! With its super soft material, this is a great blanket to use on your bed or just curled up on the couch. But it also has an adorable and inspiring design that makes it a great room decoration to put up on the wall. 

Vintage Iridescent Butterfly Clip Set

These vintage and shimmery butterfly clips are perfect to complete a ‘90s-vibe look. There are 12 pieces in 6 different colors, so you know there will always be one to match her outfit of the day.

da Bomb Beauty Bomb

The da Bomb Bath Fizzers are awesome because they’re all designed by two teen sisters. They’re fun, they smell great, and each one has a special little surprise in the middle. Even after the bath bomb fizzles away there’s another gift to stay!

Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb

Maybe your bestie doesn’t have just one favorite color. So how about a colorful light bulb with 6 million different options? Not to mention all the different settings. Now she can set the room for any mood she’s in from her phone. 

Crystal Geode Growing Kit

A beautiful geode is already a great gift in itself, but to be able to grow one yourself is two gifts in one. 

Stainless Steel Iridescent Straws 

Save the turtles! But really, regular plastic straws are horrible for the environment. By getting your bestie these adorable shimmery metal straws for Christmas, you’re helping her and the planet.  

Tamagotchi V5 Game

Tamagotchis are the cutest pet that fits right in your pocket. First, you hatch your egg, then care for your pet until it’s fully grown by feeding it, playing with it, and giving it lots of attention. What color and pet you get is a total surprise!

 Unicorn Makeup Brushes

These unicorn horn brushes are so cute, they’re a great way for your bestie to personalize her makeup collection. Plus, the four different sizes will help her totally perfect her skills. 

 Pinky Promise Best Friend Enamel Pins

This is a gift for your BFF and for you. Clip each of your pins to your jackets, your backpacks, or anything else and you’ll have a constant reminder of each other.

What is your favorite Christmas gift that you ever received from your best friend?

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